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When I find a beauty product that works for me, I tend to stick with it for the long run. Instead of overwhelming myself with a lot of the same items that do the same sort of thing, I try my best to use up what I have first- before testing out anything new. Even then, I find myself repurchasing the same thing over and over again. 

So with that being said, I wanted to share my current favorite beauty products I've been using non-stop that I plan on replenishing once I run out!

1. Eyeshadow Palette:

For the past little while, I haven't been into wearing a lot of eyeshadow. The most I would do is just apply a little bronzer and call it a day. But ever since purchasing the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette, I find myself grabbing it every chance I get! 

The colors blend so quickly, and the looks you can create are endless! With the perfect amount of matte and shimmer shades, I never get bored of using this palette!

2. Eyeliner:

Sticking with the eyes, my must-have product for the waterline has to be the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in the shade copper. The formula is seriously incredible, and I'm obsessed with the look it gives my eyes. The tone in this specific shade makes brown eyes pop and adds the most beautiful shimmer. 

You can also use it on its own on the eyelid as a creamy shadow that doesn't crease or as a base to make any eyeshadow you pack on top pop even more. Highly recommend this one!

3. Foundation:

I've been using my Eclie Cosmetics Micro Silque foundation a lot lately for a few different reasons. This product was created initially for brides since it gives your skin a flawless look- without looking cakey. That's probably my favorite thing about it, you can layer it on and on, and it will NEVER seem heavy or gross. It seriously gives the most airbrushed natural finish with super high coverage that doesn't break apart throughout the day or night.

But you don't only have to wear it when you're full on glam! I've been mixing mine with a moisturizer for less coverage all over or just applying a smaller amount to the areas that I need correcting. I know no matter what look I'm going for, this foundation will cover all of my needs!

4. Lip Gloss:

9/10 my makeup looks always include a lip gloss! I rarely ever do a matte lip or even a creamy lipstick without at least topping off the center of my lips with a bit of shine! I think it just makes my lips look poutier and just completes the look.

The one I have been carrying with me at all times has been the Dose of Colors gloss in the shade "On Repeat." The formula is so creamy, lasts super long on the lips without being sticky, and oh my god, the shine!! If you're a gloss lover then you know they're not all made the same.

The finish of this one leaves your lips with a glass-like finish that I just can't get enough of! I definitely have to get more shades from this range.

5. Heat Protectant:

I do my best only to use heat on my hair about once a week, and when I do, I never skip spraying some heat protectant on first! Since using the Memory Mist by Ouai, I've been hooked! Not only does it protect the hair from heat damage, but it also prolongs your hairstyle! 

I love when products have more than one benefit. Once I style my hair, my curls stay in place way longer! I also notice a huge difference when I do my hair straight. My hair texture can be a little unruly, and that shows a lot when I straighten my hair. It'll only look tamed for a few hours then start frizzing up or getting random dents. 

Since using the Ouai Memory Mist, my sleeker hairstyles last so much longer, so I never have to go back in with extra heat to fix it up day after day.

That's it for my current favorites! I'll keep you guys updated every few months with my new go-to's! The next round-up will be more Fall focused since I like to switch up some of my routine/products with the seasons!

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