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Brassy to Ashy 

Today's video is on how I toned my hair from brassy to ashy at home. This is such an easy method since you don't need to mix a toner with a developer. I only just used the Fanola Shampoo, and that's it! I have seen the Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo everywhere on Instagram, and I was so intrigued! Some of the most amazing hairdressers are using it as well, so I really wanted to give it a try. I have used purple shampoo in the past to get rid of brassy hair, but nothing was as strong as this Fanola shampoo. I mixed equal parts with my regular conditioner to dilute the product a bit and only left it in my hair for a minute! You can leave it up to five minutes, but I didn't want my hair to be super silver. I think next time I'll leave the Fanola shampoo in my hair for 2 minutes tho! I haven't toned my hair in a few months so it definitely was getting too brassy and this helped bring back the ashy tones I love in my hair. I hope you find this DIY helpful! Thanks for watching. xo

Product Used♡

- Fanola No Yellow Shampoo -

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