Since I'm 28, I take skincare REALLY seriously! Not only do I want to slow down aging, but I also have acne-prone skin that is going through a random flare up at the moment! I wanted to share all of the products I use at nighttime on my skin to help get rid of acne. All of these products are cruelty-free too! Let's get into the routine! :)

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When it comes down to removing my makeup, I have found cleansing oils to be the best for my skin type! Not only does it break down all of my makeup easily, but it also doesn't leave my skin feeling super dry. I have been using this one by Sunday Riley for a while now, and I absolutely love it. Once I rub it around my face, I use two cotton rounds and dampen them with a little water and wipe off all of the makeup.

Next up, cleanser! I have been using this particular cleanser for years now, and I don't plan on stopping! It's my go-to for many reasons but the main one being how clean it makes my skin feel! Although it's a foaming cleanser, it's gentle enough, so it doesn't strip my skin's natural oils. Cleansers can quickly make me breakout so ever since I've found this one I have used it non-stop!

This is a newer product in my skincare routine. Like I mentioned earlier, my skin has been going through a rough patch, and I've had acne flare-ups regularly. After doing some research and reading all of the reviews on Sephora, I thought it was worth a try! I have come to love this product because it really helps my skin feel calm and gets rid of any tiny bumps I struggle with especially on my forehead. 

After I apply my toner, I hydrate my lips with this lip balm. I'm super picky when it comes to my lips! A lot of the lip balms I've tried in the past have a sort of opposite effect on my lips. They tend to have a drying effect instead which is so random- lol! But this one being all natural doesn't do that at all, and it smells soooo yummy!

I have already done an in-depth review of this product (click here for the post) so I won't go too much into it here, but this is a holy grail skincare item for me! I have repurchased it every time I run out because it's that great! This retinol just gives my skin a really youthful glow and combats the redness I have on my cheeks also. You seriously see a difference in the mornings when you use this product- that's for sure!

Another Sunday Riley product I seriously adore. This Lactic acid treatment helps get rid of dullness and evens out the texture of the skin like no other! This is another skincare item that you will see instant results with! 

This is another Sunday Riley product I have talked about previously on my blog so I'll link it here but, wow. I just can't get enough of the moisturizer! Creams are another thing that can make me break out super easily if they're too right or too scented but this one is the perfect mix for my sensitive skin! Even though it's super hydrating, it's still lightweight enough, so it doesn't cause any acne. I used to have super dry cheeks but ever since switching over to this cream I don't have that problem at all anymore!

My skin sensitivity carries over to my eyes as well. A lot of eye creams can be too heavy and cause extreme irritation on my eyelids, so I'm super picky with what I apply around the eye area. This product I've never had any issues with, and it helps me hydrate that area without inflammation.

This is another newly added step to my nighttime skincare routine. With my skin majorly breaking out for the first time in years, I came across the Lightstim for Acne on my many types of research to clear up my skin. I have been using this product every single night for over a month now, but I still want to use it a bit longer before I decide on whether it's worth the price or not. 

During this period of me using it I have noticed my skin looking less red and blotchy, and although I'm still breaking out, it's nothing compared to how bad it was a few weeks back. With skincare tools like this, you really have to be patient and use it for a more extended period of time before you see any significant results, so I'll check back in with you guys soon with my final thoughts!

Those are all of the products I use for my nighttime skincare routine. I hope you found this post helpful! I've also posted a video showing you my routine on YouTube so check it out if you want to see everything used in action!

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