With Father's Day right around the corner, I wanted to compile a list of my favorite gifts to get my dad that I know he'll love. Sometimes shopping for the men in your life can be way harder than you thought. For me, I know when I overthink it I end up purchasing something SO random, and I always replace it last minute- lol!

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The best advice I can give when it comes to Father's Day or any other holiday you need to buy a gift is to keep it simple. Dads don't want- or care for the latest, greatest thing. It's more so thought behind the present and if it's practical enough for them to use and enjoy.

When I think of things my dad uses on the daily or is passionate about, it all comes down to grooming, fun gadgets, and accessories. He's ALL about watches and shoes so he literally will never have enough of those two things. Figuring out what your dad keeps purchasing for himself is the easiest way to get a foolproof gift he'll enjoy through and through.

Before going into any shops or browsing online come up with a few things your father loves or else it can get pretty overwhelming! Once you have that settled, the process will be much smoother. 

With that being said, Happy Father's day to all of the wonderful dads out there! Hope you enjoyed my gift guide for Father's Day 2018. 

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